Creative solutions for nonprofit arts organizations

Building strong boards

Non-profit boards evolve in a continuing cycle from recruitment to evaluation. Board members need to understand not only their responsibilities and duties, but all the elements that can contribute to success. What’s your board culture? What board structure will be most productive? What does ‘governance’ really mean? This workshop then moves from the conceptual to the practical. How can boards govern more and manage less? What meeting structures are most effective? What reports aid governance? How can board and staff work together with clear expectations leading to reliable results?

Successful fundraising

Fundraising can be a daunting role for a volunteer board member. It doesn’t just mean asking your friends and colleagues for money. Boards must focus on the broader meaning – Resource Development. Learn how to set realistic goals, create an effective plan, translate dollar goals into specific strategies, and engage EVERY board member in an appropriate resource development role.

Embracing change

Change is inevitable. Successfully managing change demands flexibility and depends on understanding the nature of change, its stages and how our responses are impacted by beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors. Emotional responses can include concern, anger, resentment or even fear. Understanding the complexity of change can help you spot issues and opportunities which you might otherwise not notice. This workshop gives you the tools to cope with change, to welcome what it brings and to use change as a catalyst for increased unity and understanding.

Planning to plan

A Strategic Plan is only as good as the preparations to develop one have been. You can’t create a strategic plan in a three-hour workshop, but you CAN identify what you need to know, who must be involved and how to go about developing a plan that will be practical, meaningful and worth the time and effort. This is a workshop everyone needs!

Functional teams

No organization or department wants to aim for mediocrity. To play at the top of their game, professional athletes must learn the elements of teamwork. Non-profit organizations face the same challenge. To accomplish exceptional results, we must work together in an exceptional way. What are the factors that turn a staff into a team? What are the useful things to know about one another? How can we gain clarity, nurture mutual respect and improve communications to accomplish the mission of our organization? Learn all this and more!

Facing the music

When you are in or rapidly approaching a crisis, this ONE-DAY seminar will get you ready for the tough decisions ahead. By providing some tools for evaluating your organization's distress signals and additional tools to use when you return to the office or board room, this workshop will lead you to insights about your priorities and offer the "best practices" to accomplish them. This seminar isn't a "miracle cure" for what ails your organization, but will give you a perspective on the opportunities available and principles that can be applied to every situation.

Ready for change?