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It was a complex job and Jane did it well, working with team leaders and staff to capture the proposed recommendations. She is dedicated, hard-working and a good communicator. She’s a must-hire as a facilitator or consultant.

Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento, CA

Jane is the kind of leader that inspires people to join in pursuit of values that matter. She does this with wicked humor, toughness, leading by example, fearlessness, and endless creativity and compassion.

Hal France, Conductor and Arts Executive

Though she’s well acquainted with the typical ideal formulas for successfully integrating the work of board, administration, and artistic direction, she understands that each organization is unique and requires specific problem solving strategies. Our organization is stronger, more harmonious, and better funded as a result of skills we learned from Jane Hill.

Barbara Faulkner, Executive Director, Mendocino Music Festival

Quite simply, Jane is a master of identifying what needs to be done and then making sure it happens. She is also extremely adept at rallying nonprofit boards around appropriate solutions to key issues. If your organization faces challenges and needs to develop a workable consensus, I could not recommend Jane more highly.

J.D. Franz, JD Franz Research

You are brilliant (as well as artsmart!), and your consulting practice provides others the opportunity to learn from/with you as you explore their challenges with them.

Mary A. Ferdig, Ph.D., President/CEO, Sustainability Leadership Institute, Omaha, Nebraska

I have had many positive comments about your style of presenting this type of information and your ability to engage a large group in this room. The topic could have been very difficult for our diverse group but you kept their interest with your content, humor and openness to their contributions.

Joyce Hayes, Executive Director, Humboldt Senior Resource Center

Jane engages and energizes her audience, and she possesses that rare ability to provide serous information in a relaxed and humorous manner that makes learning fun and aids in high retention.

Suzanne Wise, Executive Director, Nebraska Arts Council

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