Getting Started with artSMART

Who Are My Clients?

Services are aimed at small and mid-sized not-for-profit organizations with limited staff and modest resources. I am uniquely qualified to address your concerns — I’ve been there, done that. Although my primary experience has been working with arts organizations, I have also provided services to municipal/civic entities and social service agencies. Call me to find out how I can help your nonprofit!

What’s My Experience?

More than thirty years of experience as a non-profit manager has prepared me to provide practical and successful approaches to overcome the challenges faced by organizations today. We can do this! Call me to get started on your path to a brighter future!

What Does It Cost?

Fees are based on hourly, daily, weekly or project rates, starting at $150/hr. The scope of services is determined in consultation with your key staff and a detailed proposal is submitted, prior to signing an agreement. In addition to set fees for services, documented expenses for such pre-approved items as travel, materials, and shipping will be submitted for payment. We may offer lower rates in special circumstances. Call me for a free quote!

When Can We Start?

The earlier you contact me, the better. My consulting services are offered to a limited number of clients each year, because I believe I owe it to those clients to be available to them when needed. Your contract with artSMART means that we both dedicate our time and resources to achieving the goals we set. Call me for answers to scheduling questions!

Ready for change?